How Much Do Refrigerators Weigh – Data on Various Makes & Models

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If you have ever tried to move a refrigerator before, you likely know that these kitchen appliances are hefty. You’ve probably also asked yourself how much do refrigerators weigh? On average, they can weigh a total of anything from 250 pounds to 350 pounds and above.

However, this all comes down to whether the fridge is empty or not, and the model you buy, so without further ado, let’s find out what factors will determine your refrigerator’s weight!

What factors affect the weight of a fridge?

Regardless of the model you buy, there are some key factors to consider when purchasing your fridge. These will determine how heavy your empty refrigerator will be.

Overall size

Taller fridges that measure anything from 20 cubic feet in total tend to be heavier than refrigerators with a height of 10 feet or a mini-fridge, which is something to consider if you are looking for a more lightweight model.

The type

Whether you buy a built-in refrigerator or a side-by-side refrigerator, these will all weigh differently due to their designs’ structure. For example, French door-style refrigerators are wider than other fridges due to their broader doors and shelves.

Year of manufacturing

Older fridges will often be heavier than lighter newer models due to their large tanks and built-in features. Choosing a more modern fridge will mean they have detachable parts and smaller tanks.

Extra features

The more functions and features your fridge has, such as ice dispensers and water filters, will contribute to your model’s overall weight.

What type of refrigerators are there and how much do they weigh?

how much does a fridge weigh in general

There are many types of refrigerator designs to choose from on the market, such as side by side refrigerators to a counter depth refrigerator.

All of these appliances weigh and measure differently, so we’ve listed out each type below and the top products with their weight and size to help you out.

Top-freezer refrigerator

Top-freezer refrigerators are the most classic type of fridge on the market. They have a lightweight design and tend to be much more budget-friendly than other types.

These fridges weigh in at an average of 166lbs.


  • 220 lb + 20.4 cu.ft (capacity)
  • 205 lb + 18 cu.ft
  • 164 lb + 18.3 cu.ft
  • 138 lb + 13.9 cu.ft
  • 135 lb + 13.9 cu.ft


  • 202 lb + 21.9 cu.ft
  • 152 lb + 16.6 cu.ft
  • 19 lb + 18.18 cu.ft


  • 209 lb + 20 cu.ft
  • 173 lb + 18 cu.ft


  • 165 lb + 18.1 cu.ft
  • 117 lb + 10.5 cu.ft

Side-by-side refrigerator

Side-by-side fridges are low-priced and consist of one door being for a freezer and the other a refrigerator. They commonly come with an ice dispenser on the freezer side.

These models tend to be slightly heavier due to this design, with an average weight of 208lbs.


  • 340 lb + 21.8 cu.ft
  • 320 lb + 25.3 cu.ft


  • 304 lb + 26 cu.ft


  • 289 lb + 27.4 cu.ft


  • 283 lb + 28.5 cu.ft
  • 262 lb + 24.55 cu.ft
  • 242 lb + 20.6 cu.ft

Bottom freezer refrigerator

how much does a 25 cubic foot refrigerator weigh

Bottom freezer models tend to be reasonably heavy but have a generous amount of space inside, with the refrigerator located conveniently on top within easy reach. They have an average weight of 215 lbs.


  • 280 lbs + 18.7 cu.ft
  • 252 lbs + 22 cu.ft


  • 253 lbs + 24.8 cu.ft
  • 210 lbs + 21 cu.ft
  • 176 lbs + 11.9 cu.ft


  • 226 lbs + 25.5 cu.ft
  • 168 lbs + 14.7 cu.ft


  • 174 lbs + 15 cu.ft

French door refrigerator

A French door fridge is very energy efficient and operates with a small swing door. They are one of the most popular fridges on the market but also among the heaviest.

The freezer is generally located at the bottom of these fridges, and it comes in at an average weight of 317 lbs.


  • 334 lbs + 26 cu.ft
  • 322 lbs + 27.8 cu.ft
  • 259 lbs + 22.8 cu.ft


  • 328 lbs + 28 cu,ft
  • 311 lbs + 28 cu.ft
  • 232 lbs + 17.5 cu.ft


  • 320 lbs + 25 cu.ft


  • 390 lbs + 28 cu.ft
  • 370 lbs + 27.7 cu,ft
  • 308 lbs + 27 cu.ft

Counter-depth refrigerator

These fridges are designed to have the same depth as an average kitchen countertop, so they align neatly and save much more space than a standard depth refrigerator.

They can come in styles of a French door or side-by-side doors too and tend to be 27″-30″ deep.


  • 377 lbs + 22.2 cu.ft
  • 265 lbs + 21.6 cu.ft


  • 360 lbs + 21.9 cu.ft


  • 257 lbs + 20.59 cu.ft


  • 324 lbs + 1.9 cu.ft

Built-in refrigerator

Now, you might be wondering how much does a bulti-in refrigerator weigh? These models tend to be very heavy or very light, but weight isn’t much of a factor as they are built-in to your kitchen cabinetry anyway.

These fridges, however, do tend to be more expensive due to the convenient design.


  • 554 lbs + 29.52 cu.ft
  • 152 lbs + 4.7 cu.ft
  • 670 lbs + 30.02 cu.ft


  • 85 lbs + 5.2 cu.ft


  • 200 lbs + 4.9 cu.ft

Mini fridge

Mini fridges weight tends to be no more than 60 lbs. This is due to their compact design, which is suitable for smaller kitchens or areas where you want to store drinks and food to keep them cool.

Some of these refrigerators are quite portable and come with freezer compartments too.

Magic chef

  • 64 lbs + 4.5 cu.ft
  • 59.5l bs + 4.4 cu.ft
  • 42 lbs + 2.6 cu.ft

Hot point

  • 49 lbs + 2.7 cu.ft
  • 35 lbs + 1.7 cu.ft


  • 66 lbs + 4.5 cu.ft
  • 54 lbs + 3.1 cu.ft

How much does a mini fridge weigh?

Mini refrigerators can weigh anything from 22-99 lbs depending on their size and capacity. This means that these fridges are the friendliest for moving around due to their compact size and lighter weight.

We’ve listed out the top models below with their features to help you see what the market has to offer –

Midea 3.1 cu.ft. compact refrigerator

Weight & size

This highly rated mini-fridge by Midea has dimensions of 18.50″ W x 19.37″ D x 32.95″ H and comes with a weight of 52.2 lbs, making it easy to move. The total capacity of this mini fridge is 3.q cubic feet.


There is a temperature ranging from 32F-50F for the fridge compartment and a freezer temperature of -11.2F – 5F.

This fridge’s door can also be set to open in different ways and comes with three glass shelves inside and a stainless steel finish.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B compact refrigerator

Weight & size

This Black + Decker mini fridge has a weight of 33.1 lbs and dimensions of 17.5″ x 18.5″ x 19.7″. The overall capacity of this fridge is 1.7 cu.ft.


Main features of this refrigerator are its low 70 watt energy consumption, removable shelves, and temperature control. The fridge can additionally operate very quietly.

Avanti 20″ compact refrigerator

Weight & size

If you are looking for a larger capacity mini-fridge, this Avanti model comes with a 4.4 cu.ft capacity and has a size of 19.5 X 33.0 X 22.0. The total weight of this model comes in at 59 lbs.


Feature-wise the fridge has adjustable shelves with a door setting option. The fridge additionally has a soda can storage system too.

GE 19″ compact refrigerator

Weight & size

The GE mini-fridge weighs 63 lbs and has a size of 18.7 X 33.0 X 19.3. Its capacity comes in at 3.1 cu.ft.


This fridge features a freezer compartment, glass shelves, and an extra storage space. There is also a door bin included with an ice cube tray.

Frigidaire 19″ compact refrigerator

Weight & size

This mini fridge has a weight of 54 lbs and dimensions of 18.8 X 33.1 X 20.5. Capacity wise the refrigerator has a room of up to 3.1 cu.ft.


Essential features of this fridge are its adjustable shelves, soda can rack, freezer bin, and drawers for storage.


Overall, to round up this article, refrigerators can weigh different amounts depending on their styles, such as deep freezer models or countertop fridges.

If you would like to gather some more information about the measurements and sizes of refrigerators we would recommend checking out below video:

However, on average, you can expect your fridge to weigh anything between 100 lbs (if you go for mini models) – 350 lbs and above, depending on the type you choose.


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