5 Best Tankless Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Are you looking to find a reliable tankless instant hot water dispenser that can give you hot water on demand, whenever you feel like it? Then you’ll be glad you found this article.

In a hurry? Our top recommendations for an instant hot water dispenser are the Eemax EEM24013 and the A.B Crew model for a faucet style

Having a tankless water heater in your home gives numerous benefits, whether you want your morning coffee faster or looking to save electricity from reheating the kettle all the time.

However, due to these handy devices being so popular, there are many different ready hot water dispenser models on the market with various features to choose from.

That’s why we have decided to make it simpler for you by rounding up the top five tankless instant hot water dispensers on the market and compare them to help find the best instant hot water supply for you.

Our top pick – Eemax EEM24013 electric tankless water heater

The Eemax tankless water heater can provide a continuous flow of hot water and boasts adjustable temperature control to decide how hot your water needs to be.

This model can provide enough hot water for one sink in cold climates and a sink, and a shower in warm temperatures, the instant hot water device also is made of stainless steel for durability.

Warranty wise, the Eemax model comes with a one-year warranty and 5-year protection for any leaks.

Overall, the Eemax tankless heater is a more expensive but highly reliable water heater to buy for your home if you want to use it to take showers or have consistent hot water on demand.

This heater is also great due to its warranty, which ensures the buyer’s confidence.

Some negatives of this model are its price, which is a little expensive, the heater is also reported to have a short lifespan and cannot fill a bathtub, only a sink or small tub.

Key specs

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Compact design
  • One-year warranty
  • Instant hot water
  • It can be used for showering and a sink in a warmer climate
  • It allows you to adjust the temperature
  • Heating time is instant
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive
  • May not be able to fill a bath
  • Short lifespan

Our favorite faucet heater – A.B Crew Instant tankless electric hot water faucet

The A.B Crew branded instant hot water tap is a versatile model that can be used in your kitchen or bathroom and comes in four different types, the big under bend, small under bend, big lateral bend, and small lateral bend.

Its copper lining and ABS plastic design can heat water up to 50 degrees in the summer and 40 in the winter within just 3-5 seconds.

This model also boasts an easy plug-in system meaning you can use it anywhere with a sink and have hot water on demand.

Overall the A.B Crew is a pretty affordable instant hot and cold water dispenser that is suitable to use if you want to install a simple hot water faucet where running water is not available. Its heating time is also quick, which can save a lot of time compared to standard water heaters.

However, downfalls of the instant hot water tap are its design, which has been reported to leak and break easily. You also have no option to control the temperature and flow, probably due to its lower price. The flow itself is also limited when using the hot water option.

Key specs

  • 3-4 second heating time
  • It is made of copper lining and ABS engineering plastics
  • 2.4 liters of hot water per minute
  • Comes in four different types
  • LED temperature display
  • Quick heating time
  • Easy plug design
  • Very affordable
  • No temperature and flow control
  • Design can easily break
  • The flow of hot water is weak

Kbxstart electric tankless water heater faucet lateral inflow

This instant hot and cold water dispenser by Kbxstart comes as a lateral inflow model. The design itself is made of ABS plastic with a stainless steel heating tube for durability.

Heating-wise, this 110V plug-in tankless water heater has a heating time of just 3-4 seconds and can heat up to 40 degrees in the winter or 60 in the summer.

The hot water faucet also has a 360-degree rotating elbow and LED display.

To conclude, the Kbxstart instant hot water tap is a great buy feature-wise, most likely due to its higher price. This model’s stainless steel material is very durable and has a fast heating time for hot water on the go whenever you want.

The downfalls of this hot water tap have to be its lack of temperature adjustability, which can be difficult if you want a specific temperature for your tea or coffee.

Key specs

  • Stainless steel and ABS design
  • Comes as two inflow types
  • 3-4 second heating time
  • 360-degree rotating elbow
  • LED display
  • Stainless steel and ABS design
  • Comes as two inflow types
  • 3-4 second heating time
  • 360-degree rotating elbow
  • LED display
  • Quick heating time
  • Durable design
  • 360 degree rotating elbow makes it more efficient to use

Kbxstart electric water heater faucet under inflow
This Kbxstart has a similar design to the other Kbxstart faucet on our list but differs in its 2500W power and underflow design.

The material of this faucet is a combination of ABS plastic and a high-quality copper heating element, it can heat up to 40 degrees in the winter and 50 in the summer, depending on your water flow.

Design-wise it also features an LED screen and can heat within 3-5 seconds. There is also a 360-degree rotating elbow.

Overall this Kbxstart countertop hot water dispenser features a quick heating time with a modern under inflow design, which can complement most kitchens because of its black and white colors.

However, some negatives of this Kbxstart model are its low power and lack of temperature adjustability, which means it can take a more extended amount of time to reach the specific heat you want.

Key specs

  • 3-5 second heating time
  • LED screen
  • Under inflow design
  • ABS plastic material with a copper heating element
  • Black and white modern design
  • 360-degree rotating elbow
  • Quick heating time
  • Lack of warranty mentioned
  • No adjustable temperature
  • Water flow will determine the heat

ECOTOUCH tankless water heater electric

ECOTOUCH has created a high-powered 9000w ready hot water dispenser that allows you to heat water from 67℉ to 106℉.

The durable design of this model allows you to control and set the temperature of your water. The electric heater also stabilizes water temperature based on your supplies flow to avoid temperature fluctuations or scalding water.

This ECOTOUCH modern water heater can be installed quickly and connected to a shower or dishwasher with a hot water outlet. Numerous safety features are included, such as dry heat protection to protect the lifespan of your heater.

To conclude, the ECOTOUCH modern instant water heater is one of the best models on our list in terms of adjustability and design due to its higher price.

Its high power wattage and adjustable temperature allow you to have instant ready hot water on demand however you want it.

Downfalls of this tankless water heater have to be its high price and inconsistent temperature, which are reported only to give lukewarm water on the highest settings.

This tankless water heater can also only heat one sink or appliance at a time.

Key specs

  • Modern design with 7000w power
  • It can be connected to a shower or dishwasher
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Safety features such as over-temperature protection
  • Instant heating with temperatures up to 106 Fahrenheit
  • Instant hot water with variable temperatures
  • It can be used for showering
  • High power
  • Expensive
  • Temperature is reported to fluctuate
  • It can only heat one sink or shower at a time

Our verdict

To conclude, the best instant hot and cold water dispenser on our list has to be the Eemax EEM24013 due to its adjustable temperature control and large water supply of hot water.

This heater also has a warranty for leak protection, which is necessary when buying an expensive model and ensures this product is reliable.

For the best hot water faucet, we would recommend the A.B Crew instant tankless electric hot water model due to its high reliability and affordable price, making it the perfect option if you are looking for a faucet style water heater.

What to consider in a tankless instant hot water dispenser (buying guide)

Now we have compared and reviewed the top tankless hot water dispensers on the market.

However, there are some facts and considerations you should familiarize yourself with before purchasing a hot water dispenser.

Lucky for you, our team have put together a small buying guide to help you out.

How do instant hot water dispensers work?

Tankless water heaters operate by giving you unlimited hot water when you need it. They are also very energy efficient due to their system.

These heaters work by using cold water from a source when the tap is turned on. They then heat this water with an electrical heating element, meaning you have hot water on demand, with no waiting time.

Tankless water heaters can provide hot water at a rate of around 2-5 gallons per minute. You may need to install a heater per appliance to ensure you have enough hot water for a whole household.

What features should you consider in a tankless hot water dispenser?

It can be challenging to know what features are essential when buying a tankless water heater, from various powers to material. It is important to understand what you should be looking for in the best heater model.

We have listed out the key features to consider below when looking for your heater:

Size and power

Your instant water heater should be compact and unnoticeable, for faucet style models, make sure your cord is long enough to reach your sink.

Most of these instant heaters range from 2000w to 13,000w and above depending on the make and price.

It would help if you considered your household flow rate and temperature rise to ensure your heater will produce enough hot water for numerous appliances.


If you want a faucet style instant water heater, consider the type of design you want, you may wish your faucet to produce cold and hot water or have separate taps for each.


Make sure your tankless model is made out of stainless steel as this is the most durable material and will last you an extended amount of time.


Make sure your model has a thermostat to adjust the temperature control of your heater. Some cheaper models don’t have this feature and will give cold and hot water without a precise temperature.


Your water heater must come with some safety features such as no-water dry protection and an overheating/overflow protector. All these features will keep your heater working properly and prevent any accidents.


With any heater, not just tankless ones, you need to make sure there is a warranty. With several models on the market reported to have leaks, you must be protected if you get a faulty model.

What are advantages and disadvantages of a tankless instant hot water dispenser?

With instant hot water dispensers being very energy efficient and convenient, it can be hard to think of any disadvantages of buying this heating appliance.

However, with all technology, there are always some disadvantages.


  • Instant hot water with no waiting time
  • Longer life span, tankless models can last 8-10 years
  • Very energy efficient
  • Compact due to tankless design
  • Unlimited hot water that you never run out of compared to traditional tanks
  • Great for small houses with few occupants


  • Temperatures can be inconsistent if the heater will be used with multiple appliances
  • Decent powerful models can be costly
  • Cannot heat numerous sources at once
  • May need a water softener
  • Water flow can determine temperature, may not be as hot as the model suggests


Overall, installing a tankless instant hot water dispenser in your home is an excellent idea if you are in a small household or are looking to bring hot water on demand to your home area.

Just make sure to consider your budget, water flow, and power you will need, especially if you want to connect your heater to multiple sources at once.

Our best recommendation for a high-quality water heater is the tankless Eemax EEM24013 because of its adjustable temperature and reliable materials.

For a faucet model, it is worth taking a look at the A.B Crew model, due to its high ratings and affordable price.


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